Creation of CWA Our Philosophy Our purposes
The Association of customs officers /CUSTOMS WELFARE ASSOCIATION (RRA/ CWA) staff has been established in December 2010 from the idea of some Customs staff who had introduced Initiatives of mutual assistance and solidarity at the RRA departmental level (Customs) with the immediate objective of helping the other with an immediate problem or difficulty which include negative and positive life events. To promote Unity, Solidarity and mutual assistance, and the social well-being of its members while bringing all members closer through efficient and effective management of small social contributions. The purpose of the Fund is to promote unity, mutual support and strengthens relationship for the welfare of the members of the Fund. Unity strengthens the relationships between individuals. When people are united, they are more likely to support each other, share resources, and collaborate on projects. This helps build strong and lasting relationships, which are essential for the well-being of individuals and the community.